Building Blocks

Using AI to turbocharge the craft of strategy

Espalier Decision Intelligence is a technology enabled service comprised of three building blocks:

Building blocks

Our proprietary AI technology platform developed over the last decade, adapted and enhanced for specific challenges related to the strategy craft.

Knowledge graph

Knowledge Graphs delivering data and relevant analytics …how, when and where you need it


Disparate sources of data using taxonomies and ontologies to create a rich knowledge graph.

Sourced data:

best of data sourced from 3rd part suppliers

Proprietary data:

granular industry taxonomies, industry–company mapping

Semantic linking:

fundamental and alternative data to industry–company mapping in a knowledge graph


of the knowledge graph in real time Enterprise data: link with internal data warehouse/ data lakes


Data using NLP, graph analytics and machine learning to understand, analyze and predict.

Graph analytics:

Centrality, Community detection, Path finding, Relatedness

Machine learning:

training datasets for concept detection and analytics algorithms

Analytics algorithms:

  • For industry and company attractiveness, longitudinal view of changes
  • Transparency to algorithms

Multiple workflows:

M&A, Growth, Strategy, Supply Chain, Finance


Courses of action using decision models, visualization and triggers.

Search and Filter:

Full graph traversing


Pointed and personalized triggers based on market events

Look alike views:

Industry and company segment views

Idea generation:

Inspirational ideas based on market events

Strategy analytics requires combining human capabilities of expertise and pattern recognition with the machines ability to comb and analyze vast amounts of data rapidly.


Our methods involve creating the right mix of human intelligence and machine intelligence to deliver outcomes at a pace that is impossible to replicate by humans or machines by themselves alone.


Our method of problem-solving provides explanations of “how” and ”why” along the decision-making workflow to help decision makers control the narrative – no black boxes.

Through hundreds of engagements, we’ve collaborated with clients presenting a range of sophistication and maturity across both strategy decision-making and advanced analytics. As a result, we provide three engagement models depending on a client’s needs and maturity level.